How it works

DingoPM is loved by project managers because it's easy to get started and simple for everyone to use including clients! This page will walk you through how DingoPM works and also how to get started.

Step 1: Create an organisation and invite anyone on your team

When you create an account, you can create or join an organisation to manage project issues across your entire project portfolio. You can invite unlimited co-workers at no additional cost to collaborate with you in DingoPM.


DingoPM is priced per project to allow you to invite everyone on your teams, and your clients, so that everyone can be on the same page.

Step 2. Invite your clients to the project issue log

While your team can access any of your projects, DingoPM lets you easily invite your clients and stakeholders without having to sort out per-seat licensing for them. Your clients can then create, view and update issues, but only on the project(s) you invite them to.


From the project issue log, you can simply search and filter through your issues to find the one you're looking for. Or, using the exporting functionality, download and print an outstanding issue log before a meeting.

Step 3. Collaborate on issues

You and your team can resolve issues faster by storing all the information you receive from the client like screenshots, crash reports or methods to reproduce. Need some clarification from the client? Leave a comment for the client to capture the conversation for the rest of your team.


Using a simple workflow, you can handle new issues from unverified to closed out and accepted by the client. Coming soon: integrate with issues in JIRA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does DingoPM integrate with JIRA or GitHub issues?

Yes! This is something we're working on at the moment and we'd like to work with you to get feedback on it, through a beta trial.

How do I purchase and install DingoPM?

DingoPM is cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) - payment is securely and automatically made monthly using a credit card via Stripe. Read more on our pricing page

Can I export the data from DingoPM?

CSV export functionality is available per project to export the list of issues, however this does not export the conversations and files associated with the issue. If this is important to you, get in touch.

How can I check the availability of DingoPM?

DingoPM uses Statuscake to monitor and report on uptime, see availability and uptime.

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DingoPM is loved by project managers for being easy to get started and simple for everyone to use.

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